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How to whiten teeth, how much does it cost, and which remedies are better?

A dazzling white smile has long become an important component of the image of a modern person. Whether you are a public person or not, white teeth will give you more self-confidence and help make a good impression on everyone around you - from work colleagues to family members. One of the best effective methods - teeth whitening - will help you get the smile you want. But which whitening technique is preferable? Let's figure it out.

There are many rumors and speculations about teeth whitening. Someone is convinced that any whitening is very harmful to tooth enamel, someone does not believe in the effectiveness of whitening, and someone thinks that teeth whitening is too expensive a pleasure. Let's find out if this is so.

How to whiten teeth and how much does it cost?

First of all, teeth whitening can be done in the office or at home. Home whitening involves wearing individual plastic (polymer) trays that are filled with a special whitening gel. Mouthguards must be worn daily for 2-3 weeks, and the first effect can be seen within 4-5 days. Mouthguards are convenient because they can be used at night, and there is no need to constantly visit the dentist's office. A mouthguard can be purchased at a specialist store, but it is best to order a custom-made one from your dentist.

A mouthguard made from an impression of your teeth will have a much greater effect. Individual mouth guards can cost from 200 USD, and a set that includes mouth guards, gel, and other necessary elements can cost from 800 USD or more. Often it is necessary to make mouthguards again, but this is an inevitable disadvantage of this method.

Teeth whitening methods

In-office whitening methods allow you to achieve the desired result much faster, in just a few visits to the dentist. In-room whitening is divided into two types - chemical and apparatus. In the case of chemical bleaching, two substances are mixed to create the desired reaction, one of which acts as a catalyst for the process (accelerates the chemical reactions of the bleaching gel). This method has been used for a long time and is now used quite rarely since it takes a long time to achieve the desired effect.

In hardware bleaching, special lamps with different types of radiation are used as a catalyst. It can be ultraviolet light, laser radiation, or heat, which heats up the whitening gel and activates chemical reactions so that the gel penetrates better into the dentin. In just one procedure lasting an hour and a half, the color of the teeth can lighten by 4–8 tones.

Is it possible to whiten teeth without harm

Anyone who dreams of having white teeth is concerned about how safe teeth whitening is. Of course, any kind of whitening effects and depletes the tooth enamel, without which whitening is basically impossible. A denser, genetically resistant enamel will be less affected, but the effect will not be so noticeable. People with less stable enamel may have a greater effect, but the sensitivity of the teeth may increase significantly

. However, this problem is fixable - after any whitening, it is necessary to use special pastes for sensitive teeth or fluoride products, which can be bought in any store today. Thanks to them, the sensitivity will quickly decrease, and the teeth will continue to delight you with their whiteness.

How much does it cost to whiten teeth

Teeth whitening is not that expensive. Depending on the initial color of the enamel and the price, you can choose the most suitable method for yourself, especially since dental clinics often offer various promotions and discounts. On average, the cost of the teeth whitening in a dental clinic is 300 to 800 USD, depending on the chosen technique.

The most inexpensive and popular method is the so-called ZOOM3 whitening. The procedure allows you to achieve significant results in one and a half to two hours.

This new generation lamp bleaching technique is the most inexpensive and costs about 300 to 600 USD.

More gentle, lamp-free whitening can be carried out both in the office of a specialist and at home. For home whitening, you need to purchase a special set, which costs 300 to 600 USD.

Which teeth whitening is better: Zoom or laser?
Both methods are highly effective. And neither patients nor dentists have observed any special differences in the effectiveness of whitening by the Zoom method and laser whitening. In both cases, the result appears from the very first procedure, whitening is absolutely painless, there are almost no contraindications. But if there are physiological limitations, the decision on the choice of the whitening method remains with the attending dentist.

how long this effect will last.
Zoom teeth whitening results are difficult to predict with a high degree of accuracy. Much depends on the lifestyle and food intake. If a person smokes and consumes a lot of coffee, then the shelf life of the whiteness on the teeth is noticeably reduced. With proper care, this period will be longer. On average, dentists' recommendations refer to a six-month period during which re-whitening can be avoided. To maintain the effect after 6-8 months, it is advisable to undergo the procedure again.

Which teeth cannot be whitened?
Teeth located in the smile zone are subject to whitening. Relative contraindications for whitening are gum disease, carious and non-carious lesions of the hard tissues of the tooth.

At what age can teeth be whitened?
Experts recommend carrying out whitening only after reaching the age of 18. Previously, it is possible to carry out the procedure strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Recommend a Safe & Effective Home Whitening System?
Exposing the necks of the teeth may be a contraindication to home teeth whitening since only the enamel of the teeth can be whitened, not the root cement. With in-office whitening, the doctor has the opportunity to isolate the roots of the teeth during whitening, but with home whitening, this is not possible.

What if the yellowness is "granted" by nature?
If the yellowness of the teeth is "granted" to you by nature, then you can get rid of it with the help of teeth whitening. Our clinics have different whitening systems - ZOOM, Beyond, home maintenance whitening in trays. If the yellowness of the teeth has arisen suddenly, then this is probably due to the formation of dental plaque on the teeth. And you can eliminate them with the help of professional oral hygiene, thanks to which you can restore the natural color of your teeth.

Is laser whitening effective for tetracycline teeth?
In most cases, the so-called “tetracycline teeth” are not evenly whitened. During the examination, the doctor will advise on the most effective method of teeth whitening or suggest an alternative treatment.

How harmful is teeth whitening?
It is common knowledge that any good deed can be ruined by poor performance. If teeth whitening is carried out using professional materials and doctors who have undergone special training, if there are no contraindications from the teeth or the general condition of the patient, if there are indications for teeth whitening, if the teeth are properly prepared for the whitening procedure, then you should not worry - this procedure will be painless and is harmless to tooth enamel. The effect of the procedure lasts for several weeks or months, depending on the chosen concentration of the whitening gel.

How is home teeth whitening performed?
There is nothing difficult in whitening teeth at home. Twice a day, the patient puts on trays filled with whitening gel on the teeth and walks in them for 30 minutes. But a visit to the dentist is still necessary. Firstly, to resolve the issue, home whitening is shown to you or not (teeth whitening is prohibited during lactation). Secondly, do you need professional hygiene or not, since you cannot whiten dirty teeth. Well, and you need to choose the most effective system for you and make mouth guards.

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