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What causes the gums of the back molar teeth to swell and painfull?

swollen gum in back molar teeth can be caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, wisdom tooth gum infection and tooth decay. pericoronitis behind last molar is most common form of gum swelling

Denture repair| Techniques and options for repairing old denture

If your dentures break or become loose due to natural changes in your face or jaw, contact dentist to discuss repairing dentures, rather than trying to repair them yourself


There are quite a few exceptions, but take a look at your surroundings and you will realize that there is hardly a person who has 32 teeth out, well placed and working.

How to prevent dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction

To prevent dry socket after wisdom teeth removal, spitting, rinsing, excessive chewing extrated tooth side and smoking should be avoided. Avoid to disturb blood clot in socket and follow post extraction instructions carefully

Impacted Canine Tooth; causes, symptoms, treatment and removal of impacted canine teeth

A impacted canine is tooth that is fully formed, but due to various anomalies, it could not erupt and fix in place.After the third molars (wisdom teeth), the upper canines are the teeth that are most frequently impacted . They affect 1 to 2% of the population.

Wisdom Teeth Stitches: Types Care and Removal

Stitches after wisdom teeth removal is a preventive measure, which reduces the risk of an infectious pathological syndrome, pathogenic bacteria do not penetrate into an open wound. The smaller the size of the wound, the less the likelihood of infection, the age is the rate of regeneration.

Wisdom teeth nerve damage| symptoms and recovery

The impacted (buried) wisdom tooth becomes even closer to the inferior alveolar nerve. When extracting a wisdom tooth that is buried and growing, if the root and crown are extracted together, the root may damage the inferior alveolar nerve, so the root and crown are separated before extraction.

Smoking after wisdom teeth removal

Dentistry specialists strongly oppose smoking after dental surgery for at least several hours, and preferably several days. You can smoke after removing a wisdom teeth only after the bleeding from the gums has completely stopped.