Denture Repair

If you need to repair your dentures

Dentures usually last for about 3 years but may need to be repaired during that time. If your dentures break or become loose due to natural changes in your face or jaw, it's a good idea to contact your dentist to discuss repairing your dentures, rather than trying to repair them yourself.

If your dentures break or feel a little loose, have them repaired as soon as possible. For denture repair, there are options such as reline (lining) and rebase (replacement).

Denture reline is the addition of acrylic resin to the denture base to improve compatibility. In some cases, you may need to retake the impression or re-adjust it to suit your mouth.

Impressions are also needed for denture rebases. This is intended to recreate the denture base from scratch for optimal fit.

Care for dentures

Good habits keep your dentures in good condition. Here are some simple tips to keep your dentures looking good and fit.

To maintain the best appearance and comfort of your dentures, you should clean them after each meal, just as you would with natural teeth.
Use a soft toothbrush and a suitable denture cleaner for daily denture care.

In addition to regular tablet care, it is advisable to use toothpaste or foam-type cleaning for dentures. The hardness of dentures is about 1/10 that of natural teeth (according to GSK research), so special care is required. Toothpaste for dentures and foam-type cleaning do not contain abrasives that are mixed with ordinary toothpaste, and gently wash dentures.

Remove dentures and store them in a suitable place at night to rest your gums and mucosa.

If you wash your dentures with a soft towel or bowl underneath, you won't damage your dentures if you accidentally drop them. Ask your dentist or dental technician to check your oral hygiene and denture care on a regular basis. Dentists and dental technicians will keep an eye on the condition of your dentures and provide the necessary support.

Pay attention to changes in the fit of dentures. If you feel that your dentures aren't as snug as they used to be, talk to your dentist.

* If your dentist tells you to wear it at night, follow the dentist's instructions.

As is often said, prevention is better than treatment. Proper care of dentures reduces the risk of future repairs. However, if you notice that your dentures are broken or don't fit as they used to, get the right advice to fix them. If your dentures are kept in the best condition, you will feel more relaxed.

Repair of dentures; necessary for long-term stability.

Unfortunately, there are no dentures that won't break forever. In the first place, even natural teeth wear out with each meal, and so far there are no artificial teeth that perform better than natural teeth.

In addition, the condition of your mouth will change over the years. The shape of the teeth may change, the condition of the temporomandibular joints may change, and especially in the case of removable partial dentures, the remaining teeth may need treatment for dentures or periodontal disease.

Since human beings are living things, changes will definitely occur. Every time there is a change in your mouth, recreating dentures will increase your physical and financial burden.
It is very important to respond to these changes by repairing dentures.

Repair Deenture when another tooth is missing (tooth increase)

In the case of removable partial dentures, as the disease progresses, such as dental decay(caries) and periodontal disease, teeth may sometimes be lost. However, if new dentures are made every time such trouble occurs, the burden of the treatment period and treatment cost will increase. We recommend repairs to reduce the burden of the treatment period and treatment costs as much as possible.

However, most of time the material and design can limit repair options. Some dentures that can be repaired are in the mouth.

Repair of removable partial dentures

If the dentures are tight and polite, they can be repaired in various cases. Partial dentures can be repaired in the following cases.

Artificial teeth have worn out over time.
The artificial tooth is missing.
The pink part has broken.
The denture fitting has broken.
The shape of the millet has changed and it no longer matches the shape of the pink part.
Of course, not all troubles can be dealt with by repair alone. Consultation with a dentist is required to determine whether repairs are possible.

How to repair different types dentures

① I got a white artificial tooth
It seems that excessive force was applied there. It is also possible to wear the existing one as it is. After hardening with dental plastic (immediate polymerization resin), it is polished to make it look natural.

② The dentures are cracked or cracked
The problem of meshing may be large. It is possible that the environment in the mouth changed and the force was applied in a different direction when the teeth did not wear out from the time of making the dentures. It is often found on the upper dentures, but if the design is such that the back (back) is shortened or the ceiling floor (palate) is made smaller, cracks are more likely to occur

. Dentists will take dentures, attach them to an articulator that simulates the movement in the mouth, and use the machine to rearrange the ideal teeth. After that, the cracked part is repaired with a special dental plastic (immediate polymerization resin).

③ The denture was broken
It can be the same cause as the one with a crack. It may be possible to repair it by combining it with a special adhesive. If the shape has changed, scrape that part to make it clean, re-mold it, and repair it on the model. while doing it yourself, remembr, some materials do not easily adhere to the resin. In particular, light, small, and elastic dentures, called non-clasp dentures, are often irreparable. In that case, I think it is better to consult with the dentist's office.

④ The metal fittings for dentures have come off
In many cases, metal fittings are made by casting (metal casting) and cannot be recycled immediately on the day of the event. However, it is also possible to create a hook with immediate polymerization resin on that day and use it from that day. When the cast metal is completed, it is necessary to attach it to the dentures, but there are some cases where you can do it without taking care of the dentures. It may be necessary to keep it inside, so it is recommended that you consult with your dentist.

⑤ I'm worried about the roughness of the denture base and artificial teeth.
Polishing the surface will often solve the problem. I think it would be good if you could consult without patience. Dentures should be brushed with a toothbrush for cleaning, but no toothpaste is used. This is because rubbing with something that contains abrasives will damage it. Please use toothpaste exclusively made for dentures.

Do not repair dentures yourself with glue etc.
For denture repair please avoid applying it yourself with adhesive. The adhesive will be lumpy and the cracked surface will not fit neatly. Repairs are possible, but they are more difficult and time-consuming.

I see people who bend metal springs with pliers by themselves, but most of the time, they don't fit. If you apply a force to restore the bent object, the metal may get tired and break. Also, the springs may be too strong, putting a heavy load on your teeth and damaging your teeth. Please consult your dentist without overdoing it.

Some people attach the artificial teeth by themselves, but most of the time, they will be lifted up, and only that part will be raised, and the teeth will not fit. Please avoid this as well.

Denture repair FAQ

what to do if the denture is broken?

Dentures can break during use, such as the metal fittings breaking or dropping and cracking.
Broken dentures can often be repaired by taking them to the dentist's office.

It takes about a month to make dentures from scratch, so if you can repair them, it is faster to use them again.

Even if you have to remake it because you can't bite it firmly just by repairing it, repairing it will make it harder for you to eat until you have new dentures.

However, if you do not handle broken dentures properly, you may not be able to repair them.

Can I denture while it is broken?

In many cases, the broken dentures are limited to a small part, but some people use broken dentures until they visit the dentist's office.

Do not use broken dentures, even if the dentures are only partially broken.
Some of them may have cracks, and if you continue to use dentures, the area ofthe crack in denture may expand further or it may braek in your mouth.

There is also a risk of swallowing the resulting debris, especially if it breaks in your mouth.

Can I fix broken dentures with superglue?

If your dentures are broken, and you are not be able to eat with them.
It would be nice if you could make an appointment with the dentist immediately, but if the dentist is on holiday or busy and you can't get enough time, or it will be difficult to eat for a while.
So you have the feeling of wanting to fix it yourself with superglue.
However, do not repair denture yourself with superglue.
If it is glued in a misaligned position, it may not be repairable.
Take it to the dentist's office in a broken state.

Can I throw away the broken pieces?

If a denture breaks, small pieces may form depending on how it breaks.
Take it to the dentist's office without throwing it away, even if it is a small piece.
This is because it is easier to repair if you have all the debris because it can be matched like a puzzle.

Should I bring it with me when my teeth come off?

Only the denture tooth part may be removed.
Dentures are called artificial teeth, but when the artificial teeth come off, they can be reattached, so take them to the dentist's office with the dentures.
Of course, even if you lose the artificial tooth part, you can fix it with a new artificial tooth, so don't worry.

Can the removable partial denture metal fittings be repaired?

Partial dentures have metal fittings for hooking on the teeth.
p> If it just get out of your denture, you can put it back in again.
However, if the metal fittings are broken, they cannot be repaired.
Damaged metal fittings such as broken ones are repaired by making new metal fittings and replacing them, or by making new dentures.

However, even if the metal fittings break, take them to the dentist's office with your dentures.
Thre ar certain metal fitting type called combination clasp, it may look like it is broken, and in fact it may just be disassembled into pieces.

Should I soak my broken dentures in water?

When you are not using both full dentures and partial dentures, you are told to soak them in water and store them so that they do not dry out.

The reason is to prevent the dentures from deforming.
The mouth is moisturized with saliva.
Dentures are designed to retain their shape as they absorb saliva.
When it dries and loses water from the dentures, the dentures become deformed.

Broken dentures will also be deformed if they dry out until you visit the dentist's office.
If it is deformed, it will not fit your mouth and teeth even if it is repaired, so please take it to the dentist's office in a moistened state so that it will not dry out.

I feel that it has become easier for food to enter after repairs. The dentures get thinner little by little every year, but the shape of the dentures does not change.
Therefore, the gap between the denture and the tooth gap gradually widens.
The repaired denture will have almost the same shape as the original, but if there is a gap between it and the denture, food will enter there.

In such cases, you can add resin to the back of the dentures to fill the gap between the dentures and prevent food from entering.
However, adding the backside of the dentures to reduce the gap does not eliminate the gap itself, so it does not mean that food will not enter at all.

■ Summary
This time, I talked about how to handle broken dentures.
The point to keep in mind is
① Do not use broken dentures even if they seem to be usable
② Do not stick with instant adhesive
③ Take the debris to the dentist's office without throwing it away
Please observe at least these three.
Broken dentures can usually be repaired by taking them to the dentist's office.
Please handle it carefully and take it to the dentist's office.

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