Acrylic Braces; Cost, Staining And Care

Acrylic Braces; Cost, Staining And Care

What are Acrylic Braces

Thanks to scientific and technological progress and the success of the chemical industry, a new type of acrylic tranparent braces has been created. Their main difference from traditional dental braces made of metal is their high aesthetic qualities.

Acrylic braces are similar in design to metal and ceramic braces. They consist of small brackets (locks - braces) that are attached to the outer surface of the tooth with orthodontic glue. The brackets are connected by a special arch wire and go into the groove of each lock. The arc is fixed using ligatures, which can be rubber rings or a special wire.

Due to the low strength of acrylic braces, orthodontic treatment can be significantly delayed. At the same time, the probability of mechanical breakage of the bracket is very high. It is to prevent this problem that combined products are created in which acrylic is reinforced with metal inserts.

Advantages of Acrylic Dental Braces

Acrylic dental braces have both advantages and disadvantages.
High aesthetic qualities. Correctly selected acrylic braces are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. To achieve this effect, the orthodontist carefully selects the acrylic to match the color of the enamel: the most popular are shades from yellowish to perfectly white. Transparent ligatures and white arches increase the "invisibility" of braces

Relatively low cost of acrylic. The price for them ranges from 6,000 to 9,000 rubles. for 1 jaw Convenience. The acrylic used does not scratch or irritate the mucous membrane and tongue. This quality is a strong enough argument in favor of giving preference to acrylic braces.

Hypoallergenic. In the manufacture of braces, biocompatible acrylic is used that does not cause allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of acrylic braces

The main disadvantages of acrylic dental braces include:
Pigmentation tendency. To prevent discoloration of acrylic braces, you need to eliminate dyed foods and quit smoking. If you are unable to follow these recommendations, then you can always mask the spots with colored ligatures.

The fragility of the acrylic. Due to the fact that acrylic braces are prone to abrasion during use and can come off, the duration of their treatment increases. To correct this drawback, manufacturers make metal-based structures.

Acrylic braces are not used for serious bite pathologies, as they will not be effective enough for treatment.

The listed disadvantages of acrylic scare off many patients, but if you are ready to sacrifice your favorite food and carefully treat the bracket system for its preservation and low cost, then acrylic dental braces will undoubtedly be the right choice for you.

Caring for acrylic braces

To extend the life of your acrylic braces, you will need to follow these guidelines for caring for them.

Eliminate solid foods from the diet that can damage the structure - nuts, seeds, lollipops, crackers, etc.

You should limit the amount of sweets, sticky sweets used (especially chewing gum should be excluded), smoked meats, as they are able to peel off the plates from the teeth.

If you want to keep the original color of your braces, you should refrain from eating colored drinks and foods: tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, various berries and fruits, jam.

If you smoke, the color of the acrylic will also darken over time.

You need to remove dirt daily and thoroughly using dental brushes, sutures, irrigators, etc.

It is important to brush your teeth after every meal.

Types of acrylic dental braces

The most reliable and popular among acrylic structures are 3 types:
Silikon Plus braces. Made of hypoallergenic low-porosity polyurethane, which reduces friction of the arc during movement, resulting in increased wearing comfort. Thanks to the materials used, the likelihood of staining is reduced.

Elan braces are made of acrylic and metal base. This design has a better slip rate as well as increased abrasion resistance. A special relief is applied to the inner surface of transparent braces, which perfectly follows the anatomy of the teeth, thereby achieving a stronger bond between the locks and enamel.

Spirit braces. Thanks to the metal frame, these braces are characterized by increased strength and good healing properties.

Acrylic Braces Cost

To find out how much acrylic braces cost, let's indicate the middle range. So, the prices for the simplest acrylic structures fluctuate around 1500-2000 USD per jaw, and their installation by a doctor costs up to 1500 USD. If we talk about more expensive Elan or Spirit systems, then their price will be higher.

If you need to perform additional spraying, painting in the desired color or using other materials, this will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of the structure. And yet, acrylic braces are the cheapest and most affordable option than any other.


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