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Emergency toothache relief at home

Emergency toothache can be relieved at home with several remedies like ice, saltwater, clove oil, garlic, and pain reliever medicine like ibuprofen paracetamol.

Wisdom teeth|symptoms, removal, post extraction care

Impacted wisdom teeth are 3rd molars in our dentition which can not make their way to appear in mouth at the back of jaw teeth.

Alveolplasty| Alveoloplasty: reshaping the alveolar ridge

Alveoplasty (alveoloplasty) is a surgical procedure for irregular jaw bone before denture making. In Alveoplasty the alveolar ridge is made smooth and reshaped.

Pulpotomy vs pulpectomy| Pulp Therapeutics of Milky Teeth

Pulpotomy and pulpectomy are therapeutic techniques for kids teeth. Pulpotomy is the partial removal of the pulp, pulpectomy the complete removal of the pulp.

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

Alveolar ridge augmentation is the reconstruction of the alveolar ridge to accommodate a dental implant. Ridge augmentation is done by natural or synthetic bone.

Ceramic Braces Pros and Cons.

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored with greater aesthetics(invisible to others), which is the main benefit. Ceramic braces are fragile and cant fix complex cases.

Periodontal scaling and root planing| cleaning crown & root

Periodontal scaling and root planing is a non-surgical periodontal therapy, involves cleaning of tooth and planing of the root, to stop & prevent periodontitis.

Amalgam Vs Composite Filling: Longevity & Controversy

A silver amalgam filling is strong and durable, while composites tooth-colored & needs less tooth cutting. Amalgam good for back teeth while composite for front.

Sapphire Braces Pros and Cons

Sapphire braces are completely transparent (invisible), and optimal for adult demanding patients. Sapphire braces are made of artificially grown sapphire stone.

Dental Implants|Types, Benefits Risks

Dental implants, implantation is the most advanced, reliable and durable method for restoring lost teeth. If the implants and the teeth restored on them are properly done, will last a lifetime.

What is perio maintenance cleaning?

Perio maintenance cleaning involves subgingival cleaning, and root planing to stop periodontal disease, and maintaining healthy tooth-perio (gums) attachments.

How do braces move teeth?

Braces move teeth by applying slow and constant force with brackets and wires. Periodontal attachment of tooth makes this movement possible with braces systems.

Self Ligating Braces vs regular braces pros and cons.

Self Ligating braces use a special bracket having a lock (clamp) for ligation of braces wire in brackets. In regular braces, elastic(ligature) do this ligation.

Periodontal dressing|Purpose, Uses, Materials and removal

The periodontal dressing protects wound insult during eating and speaking and stabilizes the surgical site after periodontal surgery, and promotes healing.

Smoking after tooth extraction: how long to avoid smoking?

Avoid smoking after tooth extraction or oral surgery for at least 48 to 72 hours. Smoking suck out the blood clots, delaying the healing, and cause a dry socket.

When can i eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal?

Refrain from solid food at least for the first 24 hours in case of normal removal of wisdom tooth and dont use solid food up to several days if the wisdom tooth is removed surgically.

Most common mistakes while brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth is not as easy as it seems! Correct implementation is vital, however. Incorrectly brushing our teeth, on the other hand, has a seriously negative effect on our molars, which are our chewing teeth.

Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy| Gums Gingival Tissue Therapy

Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy are gums deformity correction treatments. Extra gingival tissue resection is gingivectomy and gums reshaping is gingivoplasty.

How long does a root canal take?

Most of the time, the root canal is done in a single appointment of more or less 90 minutes.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma: a histological variant of ameloblastoma

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma(histological variant of ameloblastoma) is a rare odontogenic neoplasm tumor where the islands of ameloblastoma are compressed by CT.

Lateral Periodontal Cyst of Tooth Periodontium

Lateral periodontal cyst originates in lateral periodontium from the cells of periodontal ligament, a noninflammatory cyst on the lateral surface of the root.

Ceramic braces: procedure, advantages & costs

Ceramic braces are a type of brace system that can be used to effectively correct the bite, which is practically invisible to others.

Partial Braces for minor correction

Partial braces on one jaw or part of the dentition is not always rational, but it is still possible and effective in some cases.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment

Full mouth dental implants is the an effective treatment for patients with an absence of a full set of natural teeth. Full mouth dental implants means implants supported full bridge or full denture

Lingual braces pros and cons

Lingual braces are the second most popular bite correction method in adults. Lingual braces are braces that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth, eliminating the visibility problems of classic braces

How long do braces take to close a gap

How long do braces take to close a gap depends on age, the size of the gap in teeth, and the braces techniques. Braces do gap closure at 0.5 to 1.0mm per month.

Ankylosed Tooth| Diagnosis & Treatment of Teeth Ankylosis

Tooth ankylosis is th fusion of the tooth root with the jaw bone. Ankylosis usually occurs during the eruption of teeth and can cause teeth alignment issues.

Twin Block Functional Appliances in Orthodontic treatment

Teeth twin blocks are an inexpensive and fairly effective appliance for treating occlusion pathologies.

Functional Appliances in Orthodontic Treatment

Functional appliances are designed to change the shape and position of the jaws, and some teeth during the period of active growth and formation of the jaw.

How to whiten teeth, how much does it cost, and which remedies are better?

The cost of teeth whitening type of system and materials used. Modern advances in aesthetic dentistry make it possible to carry out teeth whitening inexpensively

Periodontal probing with perio-probe

Periodontal probing is the gold standard of examination in periodontium and is necessary to assess the condition of periodontal tissues.

Adults Orthodontics: braces treatment options for adult

Over 25% of orthodontic patients are adults. Adult orthodontic treatment can greatly improve smile, appearance, self-esteem, dental health, and function.

Braces: does it hurt or not?

Braces and pain are inseparable. Orthodontic brackets forcibly shift the teeth from their usual position. This process is sometimes quite painful. The most unpleasant sensations with new baraces persist for the first few days

Dental implants | The second natural tooth

With dental implants (titanium screws), it is possible to restore the functionality of the dentition and the aesthetics of a smile, even with a complete loss of teeth.


Often the toothache comes on suddenly, and unexpectedly disrupts daily life. Usually the pain is haunting, sharp and sometimes even unbearable.

Acrylic Braces; Cost, Staining And Care

Acrylic braces are like ordinary braces consisting of transparent brackets and ligatures. Acrylic braces are weak and frequent braces damage delay the treatment.

Pulpitis. Symptoms and Treatment

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp.It appears as a result of untreated caries. Without dental treatment, pulpitis can lead to a number of complications.

How To Floss With Braces

While having braces, floss your teeth after every meal to avoid decay. special floss should be used to prevent braces damage while flossing

Can wisdom teeth cause ear pain

teeth can cause severe pain in the area of the ear if the roots of the molars are irritated. They are innervated by branches of the fifth cranial nerve , which also supplies parts of the external auditory canal.

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After wisdom teeth removal, the primary goal is healing as easily and quickly as possible. What you eat after having your wisdom teeth removal is key to maximize your recovery.

Mini Dental Implants: How Long Do Mini Dental Implants Last?

Mini dental implants are, in fact, a smaller version of the standard implants used to repair dentures and (less often) small fixed bridges. Mini dental implants are not an alternative to standard implants.

How to Brush Your Teeth With Braces

Brushing your teeth differ depending on whether appliances are fixed (braces) or removable. When brushing, attention should be paid to both the surface of the teeth and the spaces between the braces.

Apexification Vs Apexogenesis| Pulp Thrapy of immature permanant teeth

Both apexogenesis and apexification procedures are performed for young immature teeth. Apexogenesis aims to preserve pulp vitality and apexification is carried out when the pulp is necrotic.

Dental implant: structure, types, treatment & cost

While the advantages of dental implants are undisputed, there is one catch: the sometimes high costs discourage many patients from having implants.

Wisdom Teeth Images

Images of wisdom teeth eruption, impaction, pericoronotis, stitchees, ansthesia, removal, extraction, operculectomy.

All on 4 dental implants recovery time

All on 4 dental implants recovery time is 2 to 3 days. However, recovery time can be up to 3 weeks if bone grafting was also performed with all on 4 implants.

How long does a frenectomy take to heal?

Frenectomy, frenoplasty, and frenotomy in dentistry are the surgical treatment of abnormal lingual(tongue) or labial (lips) frenum attachment to the gums and bone.


Scrubbing your tongue again while or after brushing your teeth with a toothbrush - a lot of people certainly do that. But how necessary is tongue cleaning ?

Apicectomy of Tooth | Procedure and complications

Apicectomy or tooth root resection is a surgical procedure for removal of infected tooth root and surrounding tissues while sealing the apical foramen with retrograd filling.

What causes the gums of the back molar teeth to swell and painfull?

swollen gum in back molar teeth can be caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, wisdom tooth gum infection and tooth decay. pericoronitis behind last molar is most common form of gum swelling

How to clean all on 4 dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants does not require cleaning solutions or storage containers. However, All-on-4 dental implants requires thorough cleaning and regular hygienic care.

Smoking after wisdom teeth removal

Dentistry specialists strongly oppose smoking after dental surgery for at least several hours, and preferably several days. You can smoke after removing a wisdom teeth only after the bleeding from the gums has completely stopped.

Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry, holistic dentistry, alternative dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry is the use of complementary and alternative medicine for dentistry.

Denture repair| Techniques and options for repairing old denture

If your dentures break or become loose due to natural changes in your face or jaw, contact dentist to discuss repairing dentures, rather than trying to repair them yourself.

Periodontitis| How it cause teeth loss?|Whats the treatment?

gums disease if left untreated advances to supporting bone of tooth and result in periodontitis, which need proper treatment to prevent tooth loss.

Sinus lift bone augmentation

Bone augmentation may be necessary if there is no longer enough bone to securely anchor dental implants in the jaw.


There are quite a few exceptions, but take a look at your surroundings and you will realize that there is hardly a person who has 32 teeth out, well placed and working.

Impacted Tooth; causes, symptoms, treatment and removal of impacted teeth

Most often, teeth which got impacted are canines and wisdom teeth - the notorious eights, but there are cases of impaction of the central and lateral incisors, and the former are a little more common.

The 15 best tips against bad breath, which mouthwash is best

Antibacterial mouthwash are best to ensures fresh breath and kills bad odor-causing bacteria. Important: Do not use mouthwash too often. Experts recommend using it no more than once a week.

how long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal

Removing wisdom teeth is one of the most common dental surgeries. It can take up to 2 weeks to fully recover from wisdom teeth removal. Proper wound care can help a person heal as quickly as possible.

Periodontal Ligament: fibrous tooth to periodontium ligament

Periodontal ligament is a connective tissue joining the tooth to the socket wall. The vitality of the periodontal ligament is necessary for a functional tooth.

How to prevent dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction

To prevent dry socket after wisdom teeth removal, spitting, rinsing, excessive chewing extrated tooth side and smoking should be avoided. Avoid to disturb blood clot in socket and follow post extraction instructions carefully.

Impacted Canine Tooth; causes, symptoms, treatment and removal of impacted canine teeth

A impacted canine is tooth that is fully formed, but due to various anomalies, it could not erupt and fix in place.After the third molars (wisdom teeth), the upper canines are the teeth that are most frequently impacted . They affect 1 to 2% of the population.